About the Cheshire County Memorial Project

Cheshire County Memorial Project was set up in 2014, it is something I have wanted to do for over twenty years, I have always had a deep interest in both the Great War and WW2, seeing a War Memorial with a list of names leaves me wanting to know more. Who were they? Were they married? Did they have Children? Where did they work? And what happened to them?

The Interest started when in my early years at High School, I found out that my grandfather who was from Northwich had fought in the Great War, I would have loved to have talked with him about it but sadly he had died the year before. Over the years, I have researched many Great War and WW2 soldiers not just from Cheshire but from all over the UK and their stories have always left me with a feeling that they are not forgotten.

In August 2016, the project became a Not for Profit Association and since then has received help from Cheshire East, Manchester Airport, and Cheshire Archives (Shared Services)

This project is open to anyone who would like to contribute, if you would like to write about an individual or a complete Village or Town a works or School memorial then please contact the project. There is no end date these pages will continually be worked on.

If you would like to support the work done and would like to donate, please click on the donate tab. Any donation is used to help purchase documents that are not easily available online, for example WW2 war diaries and it will also help towards the upkeep and maintenance of the County Roll of Honour Website.

Over the past couple of years, I have been in contact with some amazing people with a similar passion of ensuring our fallen are remembered, Tony Davies, Mark Potts, Joy Bratherton, Graeme Ainsworth, Harry Carlisle, John Pullen, Simon Gildea, David Minshall all have helped put together some truly fantastic individual stories, many people throughout Cheshire and wider afield have sent in pictures all these will now start to be added to this Roll.
Stephen Benson