Cookies Policy

We make use of cookies to help us with marketing by tracking the site visitors to assess where they are coming in from and what pages they use and the length of time spent on the site. In no way does this effect you or is the information sold on. session Cookies are alos used to keep a member logged in.

What actually are cookies.

There is a lot of misunderstanding where cookies are concerned.
Cookies cannot harm or effect your computer or any device that you use to visit web pages with. They are not programs and completely harmless.
They are simple text files that are stored in your browsers cache/history folder, that can be read by means of web based scripting, this maybe from a JavaScript in the web page our more commonly by a server side script. You can read them yourself if you so wish to do so, simply locate your history folder for the relevant browser and open any you find, they will normally open in Notepad or a similar basic text program.